Getting started with Education in Virtue®

Whether you are an administrator, teacher, principal, or parent, we want to help you begin implementing Education in Virtue® in your school, classroom or home.

Changing the Culture

Change the atmosphere of the school from a negative to a positive. When we begin to speak with words like ‘affability,’ ‘modesty,’ ‘prudence,’ ‘kindness,’ this becomes a vocabulary that even children in kindergarten can understand. The common vocabulary does change the culture. Let’s set the bar high!


Meet Dr. Karen Villa and learn more about the field of Interpersonal Neurobiology.

Dr. Karen Villa is a Development Neural Psychologist. Listen to her explain how there is a developmental pathway to mental health and how life experiences impact brain development.

Learn how a child’s ability to reflect and organize their mind impacts their developing growth.

Experiences are the architect of the mind. Learn how Education in Virtue can aid in this process.

Helpful tips from teachers

We invite you to take time and listen to how these teachers implement Education in Virtue in their classroom. Our goal is to have you teach your students and children how to embrace the virtue in their life and practice it.

  • Sr. Mary Grace, O.P. shows us how to use the virtue cards to teach what the virtues ‘look like’ and ‘sound like.’
  • Sr. Mary Jacinta, O.P. shows us how she teaches her kindergartners the virtues at an early age.
  • Miss Tina Sabga shows us a morning routine for her fourth graders.

Also enjoy a very practical lessons to set-up your classroom.

Resources to help you start

School Kits, Starter Kits, and products to begin implementing in your school, classroom or family.

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